Funny Comedy Hypnosis Show

Planning corporate event entertainment? Hire an award-winning hypnotist, twice named corporate Entertainer of the Year. Great idea for after dinner entertainment at office parties and sales meetings. Boris simplifies event planning. Material is suitable for any venue - clean, original and interactive. This show provides fun team building along with audience participation. Your company party sales awards dinner will be talked about for years.

Surpasses expectations! Boris does an excellent job of engaging his audience and creating a wonderful ambiance. Equipped with a soothing voice, soft music and power of suggestion, he is able to wow the entire room. Appropriate and hilarious. Boris had us at the edge of our seats in anticipation of the next ludicrous antic, and then roaring with laughter as a result. Boris creates a friendly atmosphere, bringing people together in sheer enjoyment, fulfilling all expectations for staff entertainment. Not to mention, he was the talk of the office for days!


Book a hypnotist to raise campus spirit at school, college or university. It is a fun idea for student life activity during orientation week. Students get to bond during this school assembly. Student Life programmers are booking this stage hypnotist yearly to provide a positive impact. Hypnosis show is ideal for school gym, cafeteria or auditorium. It is an empowering performance that is the highlight of the year. Welcome weeks and safe grads are extremely popular. So book early!

Boris displayed undying enthusiasm for his work! This was very apparent during his performance for the students. Boris catered all his material to our requests and put on a flawless show. He also stayed well after the show to speak with interested and curious audience members, answering all of their many questions! The show was highly entertaining. Full of amazement and howling laughter! We received very positive feedback from our students who indicated it was a highlight of their first week. Boris was very easy to work with. I would recommend his services for any school or function.

University of Victoria

TV talk show producers booking guests? Need a funny comedian and an entertaining human interest story? Show clips become viral videos. Boris is a highly regarded hypnotist, performing for over 30 years. Expose your TV audience to a big personality and humorous demonstration of mind control. Request a pitch specific to your show and segment idea. Boris provided inspiration and constructive criticism in a reality show competition as judge on Open Mic Canada.

As a network television producer, I have used Boris in productions, watched him on stage as well as on national television. He is a skilled and humorous entertainer who excites his audience and subjects alike with his hypnotic skills. There's a reason he keeps getting called back year after year with the same clients.


Entertainment with Wow Factor!

Performance with universal appeal that creates fans and followers. People return to the fair to see the show again and again. Each show is different. Multiple daily shows brings the crowds back in anticipation.

Hilarious hypnosis show. Boris is the ulitmate showman for theatrical presentations.
One-man show that is ideal for a single performance or Broadway run and incredibly simple to produce.

Entertainment that helps raise money for worthwhile causes. People are entertained while being philanthropic. Associate your event with a fun experience. Boris performs at fundraisers for organizations of all sizes.

We provide a multitude of print-ready promotional materials to help promote your event. Boris makes a great media interview. Posters and high resolution media pictures can be downloaded to make event planning fun and simple.

I highly recommend Boris for any function because of his professionalism and extraordinary performances. From our initial contact and throughout the booking process, Boris was professional, easy to work with and readily available. He was considerate, flexible and full of enthusiasm, which made working with him effortless and a joy. His genuinely pleasant attitude also shined through on stage. Boris' reputation as an amazing performer was only reinforced by his show. The Incredible Boris show sold out quickly. We received many positive comments and inquiries as to when he will be returning. Boris fully engaged audience members and put on a truly unique and unbelievable show. Guests were in awe of his astonishing abilities and thrilled with his natural, side-splitting humor and priceless comedic timing.

Treasure Island Resort and Casino

The event brought in more than $350,000 to help United Way fund its network. The Incredible Boris, a mind-blowing hypnotist had people awe-struck by his abilities.

United Way

Boris was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was prompt in his arrival, professional in his demeanor, amazing with his performance, and kept our members laughing all night! Our customers haven't stopped talking about the show yet. I strongly recommend Boris for any event - clean, fun, and very entertaining.

Lockport Athletic
Self Help

Download Hypnosis MP3s

Hypnosis is very effective. Simply listen to these recordings and follow suggestions. Your mind is reprogrammed while you are falling asleep. Tap into unlimited powers of the mind. Cure insomnia with hypnosis MP3s. Realize limitless possibilities. Improve your self-esteem. Lose weight. Cure fears and phobias. Boris often showcases power of suggestion through hypnosis on TV.

I've been listening to Relaxation and Motivation MP3s. For the first time I don't need a sleeping pill to sleep. I feel more positive and relaxed. Amazing to wake up happy to start my day.