Tour Schedule

This page lists only public performances that tickets can be purchased for. Private and corporate shows are not listed. To check availability, please use the booking request button below. If the date appears booked or on HOLD, please get in touch as listings may not be current or dates can be changed. Incredible Boris hypnosis show is available worldwide.

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Hypnotist The Incredible Boris tour dates

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09-Jan 10-Jan Corporate Event, Toronto, Ontario *
15-Jan   Corporate Function - ROCC, Houston, TX 2:00 PM
16-Jan   Corporate Function - Stahl, Houston, TX 8:00 PM
20-Jan   Corporate Function, Niagara Falls, Ontario *
23-Jan 31-Jan NCL Getaway, Miami, FL *
03-Feb   World Affairs Conference, Toronto, ON 2:00 PM
12-Feb   JAT Judge - Toronto Center for the Arts, Toronto, ON 8:00 PM
14-Feb 18-Feb NACA National Convention, Minneapolis, MN *
21-Feb   Corporate Event, Mississauga, Ontario *
25-Feb 26-Feb Corporate Event, Ottawa, Ontario *
04-Mar   Private Function, Toronto, Ontario 9:30 PM
12-Mar 13-Jan WD Corporate *
20-Mar 21-Mar Corporate Event, Buffalo, NY *
01-Apr   Corporate Event - Scottsdale Insurance Co., Scottsdale, AZ 8:00 PM
08-Apr   Corporate Event - Scottsdale Insurance Co., Scottsdale, AZ 8:00 PM
10-Apr 12-Apr MOVE, Mississauga, Ontario *
16-Apr   CSE Awards - Entertainer of the Year Nominee 6:00 PM
24-Apr   Corporate Event - Chinmaya, Toronto, ON 8:00 PM
25-Apr   CHS After Prom Party, Little Rock (Cabot), AR 11:00 PM
30-Apr   Private Event D&M25, Oakville, ON *
02-May   Private Fundraising Event, Sudbury, ON 9:00 PM
04-May   Hypnotica, Toronto, ON 8:00 PM
16-May 17-May Private Function, Montreal, QB *
18-May   Los Angeles, CA *
19-May   Private Event - Paloma Valley, Menifee, CA  
20-May   Los Angeles, CA *
21-May   Corporate Event - Financial Executives International, Niagara Falls, ON 7:30 PM
22-May   River Run Center, Guelph, ON *
07-Jun 10-Jun South Point Casino - AEP Worldwide, Las Vegas, NV 8:00 PM
01-Jul   Canada Day Celebrations, Cote Saint-Luc (Montreal), Quebec 5:00 PM
09-Jul   Corporate Function, Ancaster, ON 8:00 PM
15-Jul   Private Function, Los Angeles, CA - HOLD 8:00 PM
23-Jul   Private Function - White Pine, Haliburton, ON 8:00 PM
Jul   Casino - HOLD 8:00 PM
15-Aug   Sunset Lounge - Buckhorn, ON 9:00 PM
29-Aug   Bishop’s University Orientation, Lennoxville, Quebec 8:00 PM
01-Sep   Ryerson University Orientation, Toronto, ON 6:00 PM
TBA   Queens University Orientation, Kingston, ON HOLD
06-Sep   St. Lawrence College Orientation, Kingston, ON 8:00 PM
10-Sep   University of British Columbia Okanagan Orientation, Kelowna, BC 7:00 PM
26-Sep   Private Function, Thornhill, ON 8:00 PM
10-Oct 12-Oct Fair/Exhibition - HOLD  
31-Dec   First Night Haddonfield, Haddonfield, NJ 8:00 PM
05-Jan   Corporate Event - Green Bay, WI - HOLD 8:00 PM
23-Apr   Corporate Event - Las Vegas, NV - HOLD 8:00 PM