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Hypnosis CD

Relaxation and Motivation CD

Available as a CD or Download.

See description below.

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Tshirt Sleep with me


Spiral with a saying from a hypnotist "Sleep With ME".

Sizes: L and XL (specify in comments when ordering).

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Sample above. Mp3 Recording Length: 46 Minutes.

Includes hypnosis suggestions for ALL of the following!
Stop unwanted habits (smoking, biting nails, procrastinating).
Eat better and exercise. Improve memory. Think positively.
Motivation to succeed in life, business, relationships.
Fall Asleep Easier by listening to this recording.
Pay better attention to your health.
Improve confidence, image and self-esteem.
Relieve stress and more.



Sample above. Mp3 Recording Length: 36 Minutes.

This hypnosis download helps overcome fear of public speaking. Have confidence when you make presentations. Confidently speak in front of large groups.



Sample above. Mp3 Recording Length: 39 Minutes.

Fear is a natural response. We are set to protect ourselves in situtations of danger. Sometimes, in order to protect ourselves, we go overboard. Face fears rationally and logically. See results after listening to this Mp3 download. This recording uses principles of a proven method devised by NLP practitioners, called Fast Phobia Cure. It helps eliminate fears and phobias. It will also help de-censitize the response. Approach fearful situations decisevely and confidently. Eliminates all fears.


Hypnosis is very effective. Simply listen to these recordings and follow suggestions. Your mind is reprogrammed while you fall asleep. Tap into unlimited powers of the mind. Cure insomnia with hypnosis MP3s. Realize limitless possibilities. Improve self-esteem. Lose weight. Cure fears and phobias. Boris showcases power of suggestion with hypnosis on TV.

I've been listening to Relaxation and Motivation MP3s. For the first time I don't need a sleeping pill to sleep. I feel more positive and relaxed. Amazing to wake up happy to start my day.