Comedywood Celebrity Talent

Appeared on our stage

Comedy Hypnotist Incredible Boris

Hypnotist Incredible Boris

Award-winning performer as seen on Maury, Montel, Howie Mandel Show, Comics, The Casino. Different show each time. Always unforgettable.
Jackie Mason


His only Canadian comedy club appearance as a practice run for his brand new Broadway show that started two weeks after his COMEDYWOOD engagement.
Jackie showed the crowd why he is considered the ultimate showman. He gave a different performance each night. Some shows lasting over two hours.
Amazing performances by a true comedy legend!!!
Howie Mandel


While in Toronto, dropped by COMEDYWOOD to get on stage. He was not recognized. Howie grew a goatee and his trademark curls were combed back. He was asked if he ever did an open mike night? To which Howie replied that YES, he has been on an open mike night or two. Eventually we established the identity and saw his talents exhibited on stage.
Howie regularly dropped in unannounced when in town.
Richard Lewis

Richard Lewis

The forever neurotic.
Pauly Shore

Pauly Shore.

MTV, Son in Law, Biodome and more.
Tommy Chong of Cheech & Chong

Cheech & Chong's Tommy Chong

The pot smoking legend.
Marc Price from Family Ties

Marc Price

From Family Ties.
You may know him as Skippy.
Margaret Smith

Margaret Smith

Dry and hilarious.

Writer for numerous television shows, including Ellen and Roseanne.

Dean Haglund from X-Files

Dean Haglund

From The X-files. Truly improvisational.
Wendy Liebman

Wendy Liebman

Joke after joke after joke after joke.
Queen of delayed punchline delivery.
Pablo Francisco

Pablo Francisco

Impressionist. One Man, One Desire.
Bobcat Goldthwait from Police Academy

Bobcat Goldthwait

Police Academy, Shakes the Clown and more.
Emmanuel Louis from Webster

Emmanuel Louis

Mitch Hedberg

Mitch Hedberg

A comic's comic and a party dude. Seen in numerous David Letterman appearances, That 70's Show and more. His movie Los Enchiladas! premiered at Sundance film festival.
His style is unique and stage presence undeniable.
DJ Hazard

DJ Hazard

A local favorite. Feel like chicken tonight!
Tommy Davidson from In Living Color

Tommy Davidson

Seen in numerous Showtime specials.
He appeared opposite Halle Berry in Strictly Business, and with his fellow In Living Color alum Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls.
Stevie Starr - Regurgitator

Stevie Starr, Regurgitator

Direct from a dinomite appearance on the David Letterman Show. Also seen on The Arsenio Hall Show, Jay Leno and more.
From Liverpool, England, this man swallows live fish, billiard balls, light bulbs and much more. Then he BRINGS THEM BACK UP IN ORDER.
Kevin Bloody Wilson

Kevin Bloody Wilson

From Australia. Kevin has sold over 2 million comedy albums, sold out the London Paladium, and Sydney Opera House. If Outback Australia is considered the absolute last frontier, then Kevin Bloody Wilson could be considered the last pioneer from that last frontier. Kevin Bloody Wilson has been described as one of the funniest and most original singer-songwriters of our generation. And yet there's a real good chance you've never even heard of him! His songs are as unique as the man himself. With an insight and sing along quality that appeals to all ages and races. His material completely crosses international boundaries and cultural backgrounds. You're bound to recognize either yourself or someone you know in a Kevin Bloody Wilson song. Musical, raw and funny!!!
JT Huntley

JT Huntley

Intensely funny with a twist of sarcasm. This man truly enjoyed the craft and did it well. An intense powerhouse of jokes, delivered lovingly and hit below the belt. His tragic death left a legacy of a man who made everyone around him laugh. He is missed and fondly remembered.
There is now a comedy festival bearing his memory and name.
Michael Winslow from Police Academy

Michael Winslow

Star of 7 Police Academy movies as officer Larvelle Jones.
The man of 10,000 sound effects.
Seen in the movies - Police Academy, Space Balls, Cheech and Chong's Next Movie, Back To The Future 3, Gremlins and more; On television in The White Shadow, Baywatch Nights, Harry And The Hendersons, Hollywood Squares, Win, Lose, or Draw, Entertainment Tonight and the list goes on from Comic Relief to Montreal's Just for Laughs festival.
Ingo Rademacher - Jax on General Hospital

Ingo Rademacher, Jasper "JAX" Jacks on General Hospital (GH)

Gregarious, thrill-seeking and devilishly handsome, the man known simply as "Jax" is internationally known for his unique ability to dismantle huge corporations, as row as break hearts. The Jacks family, globe-trotting eccentrics of nearly inestimable wealth, never take no for an answer and refuse to think any objective is unachievable. Jax has taken this heritage to the extreme. Ingo first aired on General Hospital in January of 1996, and returned to the show in July, 2001 after a year-long break. During his year off, Ingo starred in the primetime television series Titans.
Ralphie May

Ralphie May

From Last Comic Standing, The Tonight Show and more.
Ralph is a friend and a powerhouse entertainer. He got a standing ovation on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, something he shares with the likes of Jerry Seinfeld.
Luv YA!!!
Adam Pal

Adam Pal, Regular Host and MC

Adam regularly hosted the shows and booked up-and-coming acts on our stage.
He is currently acting, writing and producing.
You can see him regularly in Out There with Melissa DiMarco and can be heard on his Palmcast Network podcast.

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