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Keynote Speaker & Comedy Hypnotist

World Class

Funny comedy hypnotist and keynote speaker trusted by event planners to inspire and engage attendees globally.

Hilarious Keynote

Interacive keynote speaker delivers bonding, team building and motivation!

Speaker & Comedy Hypnotist

Best comedy hypnotist and motivational speaker for corporate events, fairs, theater, schools and TV.

Personal and professional development activity that provides essential ingredients for organizations to engage event attendees. Motivation is combined with entertainment and laughter that plays a huge role in bonding and team building. Prepare your team for success. Empower and engage your high performers while providing a unique team-building experience. Multiple choices available for a conference keynote and hypnosis show or seminar. Cost depends on length of presentation, travel requirements, date and amount of customized material. Interactive keynote that will exceed expectations. Hire an experienced motivational speaker and comedy hypnotist trusted by event planners repeatedly to excel on stage and behind the scenes. Boris Cherniak delivers organizer's precise vision and message while engaging and inspiring audiences.

Keynote Speaker Comedy Hypnotist

Incredible hypnotist and motivational speaker Boris Cherniak appears worldwide at corporate events, conference keynotes, theatre, fairs, universities. He has headlined on the Las Vegas strip, entertained troops in Afghanistan and empowered women at a leadership conference in Dubai. Event attendees get motivated and inspired. His monicker, Incredible, describes the sentiment of every keynote presentation literally - positive attitude and a constant state of mind. Hire the best motivational speaker with a message of limitless possibilities as part of a humorous interactive keynote.

Award Winner, Author & TV Personality

Boris Cherniak combines interactive entertainment with motivation. He is a mental health advocate who inspires event attendees as a conference keynote speaker and at corporate and private events. Book a top motivational hypnotist, comedian, inspirational speaker and author of You Can Do Anything. The interactive keynote has audiences laughing, empowered and on the edge of their seats. Boris has appeared on The Robert Irvine Show, The Howie Mandel Show, Comics, Montel, The Vegas Show and is a regular guest expert on Maury. The hilarious one-man show received a nomination for a Canadian Comedy Award and showcased at Just for Laughs and Boston Comedy Festival. Boris is a Global Guru Top 30 Motivational Speaker, three-time Entertainer of the Year, two-time Global Leader, Hypnotist of the Year and named Global Guru. He has presented viral TEDx talks - You Can Do Anything and YES - Your Emotional Success. Boris' presentations have impacted royalty, professional athletes and business moguls globally. His online videos have been seen by millions and his client list includes top name brands and fortune 500 companies that hired him at events repeatedly.
There's a reason he keeps getting called back year after year with the same clients.  

FeistyFlix / Mark Burnett Productions

Motivation, Team Building and Entertainment Combined

Boris has redefined the category - motivation is blended with entertainment and team building. Interactive presentation of fun and funny demonstrations with the entire audience that guarantees to improve relationships and job satisfaction. Your team will learn valuable tools that will impact happiness, success and bottom line - while having a great time.
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